Artistic Expression is for Everyone!

Welcome to our blog. Welcome to our philosophy. Welcome to our world.

And I do mean welcome!!! Hi, my name is Andrea and I am the Community Arts Director for Rest Stop Rejuvenate and it’s parent organization LIFE Center Stage. We are a small but wildly successful venue/living room-lounge/salon/performance space in northern NJ. It is our belief that “artistic expression is for everyone” and yet how many places really cater to this vision on a regular basis along with arms-wide-open support on multiple levels? From the time you walk through the door and are greeted with a warm hug to the time you leave – Rest Stop Rejuvenate  (RSR) is home to all from the budding creative to the professional performer as well as its listening audience. We have witnessed first-hand the transformation of lives as well as artistry in very short time periods. RSR is recovery friendly and passionate about connections and community.

Passion is simply about connection – to what excites and animates us. We are all passionate about something. At Rest Stop Rejuvenate our passion is about connection to ourselves, our creativity, our songs, our words, our visual art and the opportunity to share it with friends old and new.

So once again, WELCOME to our blog, news and views. A few of us will share our thoughts, photos, experiences, review of events, questions and what-not. We invite you to comment and participate, share and journey with us.


Vicky Mulligan

October 1st, 2015

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