Life Center Stage is a wonderful arena for the emerging artist in you! Energetic and nurturing with a warm and loving vibe! This is the place to be the best you can be”
Barb J. Lemasters


Vicky, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving space to the birthing of creativity and expression! Was an awesome afternoon. I appreciate all you do to foster, support, recognize and encourage the energy and potential around you!
— Carm


Possibly the best place in North Jersey to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink,wax poetic, listen to music, take in the healing arts, laugh with friends, sing along or just “be” with the universe! Cozy and intimate, yet BIG in character! If you have not been here yet, you are missing something real special! Get to Rockaway and check it out!— Gregory Cilmi


Your living room atmosphere was welcoming and soothing. Great Space for healing and sharing.
— Helen Czar