Rest Stop Rejuvenate’sRSR_FrontofBuilding mission is to foster individual and community growth by providing a multitude of events, workshops, programs, and private coaching that nurture an overall feeling of connectedness and well-being. In keeping with our motto, Live In Full Expression, we are dedicated to providing a cozy living room environment that welcomes people to gather in the conscious pursuit of living to their fullest potential. We are your Rest Stop for Rejuvenation!

Our philosophy and guiding principles are simple, we ask all who join us to honor and respect one another and to learn from each other. We believe as we share our experiences and wisdom with one another we find that we are not alone, we are part of a larger community. Each of us have a story to be told. Join us in our mission to foster positive growth within our lives, our families, and our communities. We can and do learn from one another. Let’s come together in the JOY of LIFE and make a difference in the world we live in.

“When a group of friends have enjoyed fine conversation together, you will find that suddenly something extraordinary happens. As they are speaking, it’s as if a spark ignites, passing from one speaker to another, and as it travels, it gathers strength, building into a warm and illuminating flame of mutual understanding which none of them could have achieved alone.” Socrates